Wall street journal came out with a scary article, not about Obama’s citizenship, more real than those distractions.

Here’s the list.

-Medicare for all

-Overhaul of finance, biotech, telecom, and a windfall profits tax on whatever industry the Democrats choose as a loser.

-No secret ballots for Union membership

-Net Neutrality

-Increase in taxes.  Big time

-All carbon dioxide will be regulated.  (Think about that.  Does that sound cheap?  Does that sound like a top priority of our government right now?)

-Less strict testing standards for No Child Left Behind.

Some of these issues will be the same regardless of who is president.  But…gosh the thing is most Obama voters I talk to, that are young and listen to Olbermann and Maddow and Sir Paul Krugman, they think these things are just fine.  And never has Obama hinted that he was a centrist, except to promise he won’t raise taxes.  The scary thing is that this is mostly realistic.  Like I said, y’all, hunker down and read that website about trading the little red paper clip, things will get real tight real quick.

Liberal Supermajority: me no likey

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