I got an email from a friend today, which I think is highly relevant.

An interesting story from the AP today.

In early 2006, the Senate killing a proposal to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac despite obvious signs that it was in need of better oversight. The measure cleared committee by a party-line vote, yet the Republican-controlled Senate failed to act. How did that happen?

Freddie Mac hired a Republican consulting company to lobby Republicans to kill the bill. Nine of 17 targeted senators sided with Freddie Mac and the Democratic senators who opposed reform.

Kit Bond
Jim Talent
Conrad Burns
Mike DeWine
George Allen
Lincoln Chafee
Olympia Snowe
Lamar Alexander
Mitch McConnell

McConnell’s excuse for not signing a letter urging the leadership to support the bill is that he was part of the leadership. OK, but then, I want to know if when the leadership debated it amongst themselves, was he pro or con? The rest of them can take their places with the other villains who failed to act to avert this disaster. It’s no irony that Chafee, Allen, DeWine, Talent, and Burns have already been run out of the Senate by their own constituents.

Down with congressional tomfoolery!
A pox on both their houses!

Let me add the names of targeted Senators who signed onto the Hagel letter:
David Vitter
John Ensign
Mike Crapo
Larry Craig
Rick Santorum
Lindsay Graham
George Voinovich
Jim Bunning

Also note that Chuck Hagel spearheaded this reform and John McCain signed on early.

Naming names in Freddie Mac lobbying
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