Officially joins level II. Noonan doesn’t so much endorse Obama as she tries to ease the blow for the GOP. Basically, she says things won’t be so bad in Obama-land. The reasons she lays out is simple white guilt. Nobody in the club says they endorse Obama because they agree with him, in fact Obama has made no concessions to the center while running. Still David Brooks writes that McCain has conceded the center even though he has bent over backwards on issues like immigration, climate change, and other mavericky issues. Meanwhile, Obama hasn’t budged. This is the most left wing person in history to make it this far, worse than LBJ or FDR. We can only hope he won’t be near as effective. With the 350 billion dollars up for grabs next year, he can do a lot of damage. But at least we can feel good about ourselves that we voted for a black man.

Peggy Noonan, on behalf of the Wall Street Journal
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