McCain thinks that Fannie and Freddie are the problem with our economy.

Obama wants to spread the wealth around.

Obama said he wants a net spending cut, pay as you go. No subsidies to insurance companies. Investments in everything which will pay off down the road.

McCain tries to answer about spending cuts with a Clinton plan. Spending freeze. Government spending is out of control. McCain actually looks like he will cut spending.

Obama thinks some programs are underfunded. How he can answer this way with a straight face. Blames Bush.

McCain says he isn’t Bush, and Obama supported more spending. Confronts Obama directly about standing up to leaders in his own party.

Obama supports charter schools and clean coal? I never knew.

Schaeffer said this campaign is nasty. I have no idea what he is talking about. This is as kid gloves as it gets. Last time things were this docile was 1996…uh-oh.

John Lewis made an out of bounds remarks linking McCain with segregation.

Barack Obama keeps things real slow which I think works for him. He thinks long enough to not say the wrong thing. He has spent a long time not saying the wrong thing, not saying what is really on his mind.

It’s too bad Barack Obama didn’t say, “We need to spread the wealth around so people can have walking around money”.

Neither one of these guys have any charm, they both take themselves VERY seriously.

McCain asks about ACORN, Ayers. Ouch. Finally! Ayers comes up, McCain says “I don’t care about some washed up terrorist”. ACORN pays people to register voters, but they filled out forms (illegally). Obama lies about the moter voter case he handled with ACORN. He lobbied on their behalf for several cases, including a lawsuit against Citigroup lowering lending standards.

A question about running mates. Yawns. Joe Biden = Scranton. Sarah Palin = Reformer…A Bresh of Freath air.

The Last Debate between McCain and Obama Part One
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