The Democrats and President-elect Barack Obama have the conch shell now.  Barack Obama ran an incredible, disciplined campaign, outclassed a more moderate juggernaut,  but ethically challenged Clinton dynasty.  I think Barack Obama is a good person with a redistributionist philosophy that is wrong for America.  But he was disarming enough to persuade an overwhelming majority to trust him anyway.  That is no small feat, given some of his natural handicaps, and he deserves credit for that.  I didn’t vote for Obama, but I respect him as an adversary, and wish that more politicians on our side had his intelligence and genuine charm.  John McCain’s loss once again showed that you need to provide not only fear of the other candidate, but need a compelling reason to vote for  your candidate and party.  McCain openly stated his ignorance of economic issues, and though Barack Obama voted “present” when the bailout was passed, McCain couldn’t distance himself enough from George W Bush.

Will President Obama overreach with nationalization of industry as President Bush did with the Iraqi war?  Most likely.  George W Bush demonized Islamic terrorism, Barack Obama demonizes Exxon Mobile.  Like Bush, Obama will be a man of his word.  Just as Bush promised a tax cut and stuck to it, Obama promises to bankrupt any energy company that builds a new power plant.   I expect that he will also keep those important promises to spread the wealth.

His speeches are very uplifting, and many people find that voting for a young, charming, intelligent, biracial candidate makes them feel good about themselves.  Tomorrow people will find that not much is changed about humans and their behavior.  The planet will not heal starting tomorrow.  Neighborhoods that were high crime today will be the same tomorrow.  People who are struggling to pay the bills will not have a free pass starting January 21st, 2009.  How long will the honeymoon last based on such lofty promises?

Being lifted up is great only if you know you have a safe landing.  Good luck, Barack Obama, you will need it.

Congratulations to President Elect Obama
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