This journalist wants another FDR, and believes America wants the same.  He was let down with President elect Obama’s press conference yesterday, because apparently Obama wasn’t redistributionist enough yet.

I couldn’t help feeling just a little let down that he didn’t have anything more specific to offer, or anything more inspirational. Throughout the news conference, Mr. Obama projected a kind of crisp competence — an executive figuring out a practical plan of attack — rather than presenting himself as he had so often during the campaign, as an inspirational leader. And in my momentary letdown, I realized that I had been hoping to see, even this early, something that many other Americans are also wishing for. … I was hoping to see the new F.D.R. Maybe we will yet. We sure could use him right about now.

I’ll make a deal with Joe Nocera. When Barack Obama joins WWIII and starts interning immigrants, I’ll sign up.

FDR worship continues at the NY Times

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