I’ll be brief as possible:

I’m astounded at the “hope and optimism” line from the left on this.  It’s as if everything was riding on it.  Our whole existence depended on the ascension (and I do mean ascension) of ONE MAN.  If the old white guy had gotten elected–a thousand years of darkness.

The biggest difference between the majority of people supporting McCain this election and those supporting Obama is this:

Obama wins, crying and laughing and cheering in the streets…all over the world.  If McCain had won, all you would have heard was a huge sigh of relief all over America.

Don’t get me wrong, Obama won and he won big, and there are reasons for his winning big.  And as Johnny pointed out, there was only reasons to vote AGAINST him fewer reasons to vote FOR the other guy.  But Obama didn’t win on “the issues” and anyone who thinks so is in a dream world.  The next time I hear a “Progressive” tell me that we need to stop the evil politics and focus on “the issues” might simply get a punch in the face.  This is evidence, case in point, that issues do not matter anymore.  Even his acceptance speech had NO policies in it.  It was all about hope, change, optimism, love and happiness.

One thing is for certain.  The ‘Pundit has just upgraded himself from political philosopher to political activist.

More to come on that…

Logipundit’s take on the election.

2 thoughts on “Logipundit’s take on the election.

  • Let’s not go too far in regards to saying Obama didn’t win on the issues.

    Many policies of Obama’s were specific and well-received by a majority of voters, such as:

    1) Raising the highest income tax rates back to Clinton levels.
    2) Raising the capital gains tax
    3) Accelerating the Iraq pull-out
    4) Investing heavily in alternate energy sources and early education

    That said, I obviously disagree with the vast majority of his policies.

    The international response has more to do with Bush (and, by extension, McCain) being rebuked by voters.

  • Let me put it another way, then:

    Obama may have won on issues in the sense that people knew what he espoused and they voted for him, however it wasn’t with the informed belief that those stances would actually solve problems.

    Almost EVERY conversation I’ve had with an Obama supporter on Obama’s belief system goes like this:

    me: but he believes in x, y, and z.

    OS: what’s wrong with that?

    me: um…a, b, c, and especially d. We’ve tried x and y before, and don’t you think that z is a little over the top?

    OS: well, maybe, but it’s time for a change, Bush has ruined this country!

    me: OK, maybe, let’s say you’re right. If there is evidence that x and y, and especially z, would makes things EVEN worse, and not only that it’s been tried before with miserable results, should you continue to support the guy?

    OS: you don’t know what he’ll do! He might be just fine! Give him a chance!

    me: OK, I should “give him a chance” by hoping that he really doesn’t do what he says he is going to do? So is that what you’re doing? Hoping he doesn’t do things that will make things worse? Or hoping the things he does don’t actually make things worse, even though there is ample evidence that they indeed will? So should we hope for incompetence? Ineffectiveness? Dishonesty? I thought one of the reasons to vote for him was his effectiveness, competence and honesty.

    OS: You’re so cynical!!

    me: Yep, but am I wrong?

    OS: It doesn’t matter! Just pause for a second and let a little humanity and hope sink in. You need to have faith!!

    me: In what? God? Or My President? Who or what should I have faith in?

    OS: I don’t want to talk to you anymore…you’re too negative.

    me: OK.

    I wouldn’t describe that as voting on issues. I would describe it as “voting the bums out” despite the issues. What’s funny is that NONE of the positions that Obama supports are new, transformative or different than the same playbook that’s been used for the last 40 or 60 years. So “change we can believe in” should really say “change that’s been tried before, doesn’t work, but we really want to try it again.”

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