One of the District of Columbia’s latest priorities is setting up Global Positioning System for their snow plows as a public service…after all

“Citizens want information in real time,” Kundra says, “because now, with mobile technology being deployed, the expectations are increased.”

What a pathetic reason to fund or provide this service; it is plain irresponsible. I would think that the money could be used for other priorities like crime prevention/prosecution, infrastructure or other local efforts. When you hear your elected official telling you that it’s all about priorities and “smart” spending, take a closer look at what exactly that means.  

Speaking of irresponsible spending: DC currently spends the 3rd most in the country on education (based on dollars per student).  Meanwhile, DC education has recently ranked dead last in the nation for Elementary and Middle School levels.  I don’t pay many local DC taxes, but part of their budget comes from national tax revenue…so, yes I feel like I have a stake in the city.  I expect the schools to perform better….I’m waiting!

More wasteful spending in DC
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