It is now time to nail McCain to the wall for being a closet democrat. Let’s get this party started:

Interesting pledge of allegiance battle

Liberals in NASA promoting the global warming hoax get busted

(in my opinion, the first order of business for the next Republican president should be to fire every single registered democrat working for the federal government in any capacity, most importantly for the CIA, FBI, or NASA. Bush made a crucial mistake by not doing this. see the scores of secrets leaked to the New York Times).

It appears that the worldwide backlash to the global warming hoax (new socialism) has begun.

Reagan Gahagan’s Interesting News Stories, post-election edition

One thought on “Reagan Gahagan’s Interesting News Stories, post-election edition

  • political leanings are not linear !

    not leftist does not mean a right winger, so lets start with that and move forward.

    mccain is a closet democrat but that misses the point entirely. he represented special interest groups and corporatism as much as obama does. for example, in the recent measure undertaken for the bank bailouts :

    the ratios of americans calling their representatives to say no to the bailout ranged from 10-1 to 30-1. which means that more than 90% of americans opposed their tax dollars being used to bailout the banks which experimented with questionable lending practices. what was the end result? congress voted through the measure anyway, effectively vetoing the will of the governed. both obama and mccain received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the banking establishment. the data is obama received some $690,000 from goldman sachs and mccain received some $235,000 from goldman sachsan entity which benefited from this measure. but both candidates received about $2,000,000 from the collective banking establishment. both candidates were wrong to ram through a bill which helped their special interest constituents at the expense of their real constituents, the american people. what does that imply about our overall system? nothing positive i am afraid to say, which might explain why in the spring of this year congress’s approval ratings dipped below 10% nationally. this whole system of 2 party control stinks, and we can point the finger at the dems or the repubs all day long, but that is not so constructive. it is the system that needs changing because it lends itself to corruptibility.

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