Now that the Olympics are over and the Chinese envoy has given marching orders to Chairman Ma, it is time for him to do his duty and start persecuting pro-independence Taiwanese, including the former president.

The article says President Chen “roiled” the United States.  He did nothing of the sort.  He ruffled feathers simply because he wanted to make explicit the implicit, that Taiwan is an independent, sovereign nation.  The article also says that Chen took bribes and allowed small banks to acquire “well established” banks.  What they fail to mention is that the well established banks were originally owned by the KMT, the blue party which is stamping it’s iron heel down on Taiwanese across the country.  So, no, this is no anti-corruption campaign, it is a get even/China appeasement campaign.

“Long live Taiwanese democracy,” Chen declared to his supporters outside the prosecutors’ office. “Long live Taiwanese independence.”

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