This guy started asking Chris Dodd some tough questions. To be honest he was a total jerk, but he spoke truth to power. Seems like he lost his job at Clear Channel over it. Critics said that Clear Channel will act like fascists in the Bush administration, and they were right, but not in the way you might expect. They replaced his interview with Hannity (‘natch).

Democrats need to be careful, putting ethically challenged career politicians like Dodd back in charge is not the change we need.

Dodd received more money from Fannie than any Senator other than Obama…putting him back in charge of the Senate Banking Committee is putting the fox in charge of the henhouse.

The ethical concern is here. How silly of me to assume that the press would report on this more. All the liberals over here know about Ted Stevens’ shameful shananigans (I don’t know how he’ll legislate from federal prison, but details), but no word on Dodd?

My friend replied:

I am, somewhat, coming around to your point of view about some liberal bias in some MSM (e.g. esp. NYTimes & NPR). But what is the alternative? Fox news? Yikes!

If NYTimes & NPR are biased, it is in failing to cover some news stories– silence implies consent. But other venues, like FOX, report opinions as news, instead of trying to remain objective and saving partisan vitriol for the op-ed page.


The little lady once complained why I read CNN instead of Fox. It was funny she asked me in this accusatory tone like I was betraying the movement or something. I said, ok, let me show you and opened up the front page of Fox and CNN side by side. CNN said something like:

“Stocks drop 10% a new one day record”

The Fox headline was: “Carnage on Wall Street!”

I told her my heart can’t handle that on a daily basis. To be honest I’m picky. I really like Rush Limbaugh because he has a sense of humor. Bill O’ Reilly yells a lot, and Sean Hannity is a complete idiot in my opinion. I don’t listen or watch any of them.

I like Real Clear Politics because it has an equally mixed bag of opinions. Instapundit is great, a law prof who is very tech geekie, and no cheerleader for anyone. I just about lost all faith in the NYTimes and started reading the Washington Post more often now, which is more highbrow and far less condescending. Fareed Zakaria is a complete jerk but I read him b/c Obama is a big fan of his. Newsweek and Washington Post are merged but Newsweek seems to be for the far left Obamamaniacs whereas Washington Post is for the grown up, mature, uh, Obamamaniacs.

Which News to Trust?
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