Bobby Jindal sends another update, more jobs created in Louisiana:

Expanding our Workforce Opportunities

Last week I was able to attend the opening of Shell Exploration & Production Company’s expanded Training and Conference Center in Tangipahoa Parish. The new center is a 55,000 square foot expansion, and is equipped with 17 classrooms and meeting rooms that will allow for team meetings, conferences, training, and workshops for Shell and dozens of other companies.

As I said in the Baton Rouge Advocate, “these are the kinds of investments that we have to make” in our state’s workforce development system. Of companies looking to either expand or invest in Louisiana, approximately 70 percent mention the need for a skilled workforce as one of their top priorities. The new center will provide all the training needs for Shell’s operations in the Western Hemisphere, and is the only workforce development program in Southeast Louisiana offering industry-wide training in exploration and production operations.

People associate conservative politicians as do-nothings, as opposed to their more liberal spend, spend, spend colleagues, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Jindal shows that you can be active and business friendly. Funny how these things work out sometimes. Recently Jindal hosted his 20 year high school reunion at the Governor’s Mansion. He rubbed elbows with a mid-level executive at Electronics Arts sports and a few weeks later EA sports is setting up a development lab at LSU. It didn’t require an executive order or an act of the legislature either.

Bobby Jindal just gets things done.

An active governor need not be an liberal one.
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