A friend provides a roundup of stories related to the conflict of issues related to the psychiatric field and big pharma.

One blogger calls Dr. Nemeroff of Emory out on his promotion of Risperdal for off-label uses, and citing published studies that provide no evidence in support of his assertions.

NY Times reports on Dr. Charles B. Nemeroff’s pay from Drug companies.

Minnesota limits the amount of gifts doctors can receive from Drug companies.

Vermont and Maine may soon follow suit

Senators seek public disclosure on the amount of gifts Doctors can receive.

At most conferences, vendors hand out free candy. At the APA, the stakes are higher.

The sad story of Dr. Eric Poehlman..

This one hits close to home, a UT-Galveston professor was busted by Dr. Charles Grassley over jury-rigging a Paxil study.

In Minnesota, psychiatrists take more money from drug companies than doctors in any other specialty.

A good first hand account from Dr. Daniel Carlat on conflict of interest in psychiatrists.

No more free lunch at Yale, Michigan, and Stanford.

The Cleveland Clinic is posting donations and gifts from drug companies online. That’s a good idea.

Big Pharma-Psychiatrist Conflict of Interest Roundup

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