Dr. Charles Boustany brings attention to his constituents.

As you may have heard, an old Presidential order is causing significant stress to many in Cameron Parish and others along the Gulf Coast following Hurricane Ike. Executive Order 11988 dating to the Carter Administration prevents federal authorities like FEMA from placing temporary structures in a designated flood zone to prevent losses of life. The problem for people living in Cameron stems from recently released updated flood zone maps, which have not yet received final approval.

These maps, unveiled in March of this year, place a whopping 83% of Cameron Parish in a flood zone severely limiting FEMA’s ability to assist residents with any temporary housing. Under previous flood maps, only 30% of Cameron was deemed a flood zone. Further, the maps are currently awaiting final approval, so Cameron Parish residents suffer because of a new designation that may not be accurate. That is why Senators Landrieu and Vitter and I sent a letter to the President requesting a temporary waiver of Executive Order 11988.

A copy of the letter can be viewed here.

I continue to work with FEMA to provide some relief to residents. However, the President must act soon to update the Executive Order that hampers hurricane recovery at the worst possible time. Residents of Cameron should be rebuilding before next hurricane season, but they are fighting for temporary housing as the recover.

The federal government can respond more efficently, and I will push FEMA and others to do so.


Charles W. Boustany, Jr. M.D.
Member of Congress

Me: As the government goes deeper and deeper down the credit default swamp, everyone in the country is going to feel the money dry up in ways similar to this. With this new administration, you will see a more friendly attitude toward (and patronage within) the urban areas at the expense of the rural. More regulation on farming, ranching, etc, in the name of “greening”.

Boustany sounds the alarm for Cameron parish
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