I had my brain scanned as part of an experiment a while back.  It was quite an amazing experience.  I played a simple economics game while they aligned the spin of all the oxygen in my brain and shot magnetic waves into my brain to measure oxygen levels.  Anyway that’s the explanation for a five year old.  When I first saw the picture I was kind of shocked.  I mean, the thing that thinks about what to type and upload onto a computer for millions of other brains to process, is right here in front of me in black and white….no more mysteries.

Fortunately there are no abnormalities or arteriovenal malformations or anything weird like that, but I did notice some interesting things about my brain that I will not be sharing with the masses.  Let’s just say there is a lot variability in what a brain looks like from what is in the textbook.

Getting your brain scanned…pretty freaky
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