First pretend to be his friend, then talk him into destroying himself.

Russia wants to negotiate arms control with Obama

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian news agencies quote the foreign minister as saying Moscow hopes to conduct constructive arms control talks with the new U.S. administration.

Interfax and ITAR-Tass report that Sergey Lavrov said Wednesday that Russia is eager to maintain control and verification procedures contained in the 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.

The START I pact expires in December 2009, and Russian and U.S. negotiators have already launched efforts to negotiate a follow-up pact. The talks have been unsuccessful so far amid a cold spell in Russia-U.S. relations.

Lavrov is quoted as saying that Moscow expects that Barack Obama’s administration will cooperate in a “constructive” way to reach a deal that would strengthen arms control.

How do you destroy a weak leader?

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