For attempting to sell Barack Obama’s Senate seat. Wow! I’m apt to think this kind of thing happens all the time, has always been illegal, and never been prosecuted. The cynic in me wonders why, exactly, is it being prosecuted this time. One explanation is that Barack Obama wasn’t asked who his successor will be. This should grease the wheels for Jesse Jackson III in the Senate. Chicago style politics now has the authority of the FBI and Blagojevich forgot that the money goes up and the crap comes down.

At any rate, if this becomes prosecuted equally, then I have no problem with it and am glad that pay to play schemes are getting some much needed sunlight. Color me skeptical that that would happen.

Update:  Really looks like Blagojevich pressed his luck, and finally got a whammy.  The Chicago Tribune, which is about to go bankrupt, on Blagojevich.

UPDATE 2:  Yes, this may have paved the way for Jesse Jackson III.  That is, unless Jackson is implicated in agreeing to raise funds on behalf of Blagojevich.  Then I guess this would have the opposite effect.

Rod Blagojevich in custody
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