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We live in a small town and do a lot of shopping either by mail order catalogs or by internet. Today I emptied a stack of catalogs out of the mailbox and happened to be looking at Fox News website at Noon. There is an interactive map that shows how the election turned out in the United States . All the states are either blue for democrat or red for Republican. By clicking on a state you can see how the counties in each state voted. By entering a zip code you can see how that area voted. Out of curiosity I entered a zip code off the back of a catalog. Blue state, blue county – into the trash it went.
Hmmm – I may be onto something here.

I’m choosing to spend my money in the areas of the country that didn’t vote for socialism, redistribution of wealth, erosion of civil rights and tossing out the Constitution of the United States of America .

I need a new coat: LL Bean, Freeport, ME (blue county in a blue state – trash)
Cabelas – Sidney,NE (red county in a red state)

My favorite microbrewery is New Belgium in Ft Collins, CO (blue county in a blue state) but I also like Shiner in Shiner, TX (red county in a red state).

My daughter is having a birthday and Christmas is coming up: I have toy catalogs from VA (blue), MO (mostly red but still counting), MA (blue), VA (blue) & TX (Red) Howdy y’all!

Vacations: Colorado and New Mexico are out for weekend trips. Maybe we’ll check out Oklahoma this next year. I was planning on taking my family to Disney World in Dec 2009. ( Orlando , FL – blue county in a blue state) I’ll have to weigh my values against the promise I’ve made my daughter here, maybe I can talk her into Six Flags Over Texas, or down to Louisianan to catch some Cajun music and eat good.

Movies and the liberal media? Don’t get me started.

Obama had the largest political donations EVER.. He has not published his donor list (or birth certificate, resume, college transcripts, bar exam) but, Liberals gave him that=2.0 money. I found a searchable website that gives names, amounts and to which party the donation was made newsmeat And another site is followthemoney

Be informed.

If I buy something from a liberal, some of that money may go to Obama 2012, the DNC, the PLO, ACORN,
the Karl Marx Appreciation Society or any other bunch of left wing boneheads. If I buy from conservatives maybe
the GOP or the NRA get some money.

My guess is that conservatives have more disposable income than the college kids and the unemployed that elected him.
But probably not as much as Oprah.

I’m just one guy and my small amount of cash doesn’t mean much. Together we can make a difference.
Be sure to let those blue companies know why they aren’t getting your business or they’ll blame their
economic down turn on President Bush.

I’m still buying from Americans. I’m just choosing which Americans to buy from now.

I thought it was cute. I made a vow not to watch any more hollywood movies in theaters until 2012. Then Quantum of Solace came out and immediately tempted me. I fought back temptation, this time.  As far birth certificates etc. are concerned, the horse is way out the barn on that one.  No need to show sour grapes, just put your head down and move forward, and pinch those pennies until things start looking up.

Vote with your dollars
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