In what can only be called a continuation of Bush policy, sprinkled of course with a little hope and much naivete (sorry, Bush, you cannot use this as an excuse), President Obama contemplates quick passage of an economic stimulus package.  While the details between the two administrations’ packages differ, a decidedly un-conservative, arrogant message remains:

Left alone, the free market economy would succumb to the powers of entropy and crumble upon itself.  Only through government intervention, manipulation and overextention of constitutional power and pumping in of yet-to-be-printed money can the ecconoly live on.

Further, the much overused phrase, “too big to fail,” and the policy (or policies) that government claims that the phrase justifies encourages the following:

  • Risky business endeavors (and lack of smart ones) proliferate wtih abandon, because the government has demonstrated that it will save them from failure.
  • True growers of the economy, those companies and entrepreneurs with business acumen and propensity for success, hold back from re-investing for fear that resultant successes will cause them to be taxed into oblivion.

As far as I’m concerned, we’ve just received another four years of Bush.  When can we add another Prescription Medicin or No Teacher’s Union Child Left Behind program?  Those in government salivate when there is a downturn int he economy and use it as an opportunity to increase their power in the name of recovery and rebuildin.  They reach their tentacles so deep into the economy that it impedes economic growth and then use that as justification to further its reach.  This is modern slavery in its truest form.

President Obama Continues Bush Doctrine
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2 thoughts on “President Obama Continues Bush Doctrine

  • Pleaseeeeeee….don’t compare Obama to Bush. At least Bush could answer a reporter’s question(s)–without needing to check with an advisor or one of his cabinet memembers. He does not appear to understand/know the issues. White House reporters are in for a surprise!

    I do not look forward to Obama’s “change”. There is little transparency in HIS administration. And we are asked to accept all his cabinet/advisors despite “real conflicts and inappropriate/illegal personal decisions” (i.e. the new Treasury nominee: Mr. Joe the Tax Evader–one of several examples). Remember how the media made a “big” deal about some Taxes that Joe had not paid yet….hmmm…double standard.

    And how can someone with a father who was a British Kenyan citizen at the time of Obama’s birth make Obama eligible to be POTUS??? Obama’s own mother was not able to automatically give him U.S. citizenship because she was required to be 19yrs (she was 18yrs +) at the time of his birth. California lawyer Dr. Orly Taitz is representing clients in cases questioning Obama’s eligibility.

    Those questioning Obama’s eligibility will accept his Presidency when he provides PROOF. His website’s “Certification of Live Birth” is NOT the same as a “Certificate of Live Birth”. Currently he has 3 Law Firms helping to deflect questions regarding his eligibility. A vaulted, long form Birth Certificate will name the Hospital, the Doctor (with signature) among other items. There have been two Hawiaan hospitals named as his birth hospital. (Perhaps as Messiah, he can actually be in two places at once.) Obama CAN present the vaulted, long form Birth Certificate but he refuses to do that. Our Constitution needs to be protected and preserved. It IS still relevant and timeless for TODAY. In God We Trust. God Bless America.

  • His citizenship bona-fides aside, it’s interesting the whole phenomenon with Obama’s lack of command of the issues. The media has so far portrayed (and likely will continue to portray) this as a sort of deference and humility which Bush was simply too much of a cocky blowhard to show.

    The truth is, of course, Bush was under pressure never to show any weakness or less than 100% knowledge of the issues or the media would take EVERY opportunity to make him look like a buffoon. Obama can come across as a buffoon and the media just calls him “thoughtful” or “cautious” or whatever.

    Hopefully it won’t last an entire 4 years, but I bet it’ll last one or two. They are also conceding the next 2 years already as economic chaos, so that anything the Obama does will be not be seen as making things worse, but indeed “too little too late”, and thus the rationale will be there for MORE, MORE, MORE…nonsense.

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