Check out this video of Pelosi trying to convince herself that the funding for Family Planning and contraception assistance currently in Obama’s economic recovery package will indeed stimulate the economy.  Free condoms?  I know something else that free condoms would stimulate.

Seriously, this is a sorry attempt at stimulating the economy.  She is basically saying that family planning will save cash-strapped local  and state governments money.  The more tax payer money goes to fund health care, the more the government is going to dictate actions of private citizens.  Think one child per family in China.  Australia permanent visa denied for a man, because his child would demand too much health care to justify granting citizenship (I remember reading this story but just can’t seem to find it.  Can anyone find it? Found it, see above).  Scary stuff.

Update: Contraceptive Measure Dropped from Stimulus. Thank God!  Now all we have to do is vote this sorry piece of legislation down completely!

Stimulus Package…That’s what she said!
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