The Washington Post reports that “Daschle Owed Back Taxes That Exceeded $128,000” over 3 years.  (I wish I was making enough to owe that much in taxes over 3 years!)  The reporter has the audacity (of hope, I suppose) to say that it may pose an obstacle to his confirmation as DHHS Secretary.  I really don’t know what Washington Post is basing that on.  It certainly didn’t hinder our current Treasury Secretary’s confirmation.

But, if companies go overseas to avoid paying taxes, then that is double plus ungood.

Their hypocrisy knows no bounds!
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2 thoughts on “Their hypocrisy knows no bounds!

  • Here is news regarding taxes that ACORN has not paid–more than $3 Million (some possibly unpaid employee’s taxes). ACORN is also not a supporter for minimum wage. They had a CA court case in 1995 to get exempted from paying the minimum wage. AND now ACORN is getting $4 Billion Plus of our money in the “so-called, but not really” Economic Stimulus Bill??? I do not want my money supporting special interest groups with their (criminal) agendas. Also click the website links in the article. Unbelievable!

  • ACORN owes $3 Million + in unpaid taxes. The Economic Stimulus Bill is earmarking $4 Billion for ACORN. Unpaid taxes: Geithner, Daschle and ACORN…what is wrong with this picture and who/what group might be next???

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