Virginia Senate Committee has passed a smoking ban for restaurants and most public buildings.  However, a bill affecting so many constituents will not have to be passed by the voters. The only say the voters will have is whatever influence they can effect through their phone calls, e-mails and letters (so make it count).  The only other states who enacted smoking bans as a result of a public vote are Arizona and Ohio.  One question I want answered is what portion of the Virginia budget is going to be cut to pay for enforcement of this proposed law?  If this is going to add to the budget, then I can only assume that higher taxes will pay for it.  And what will happen to all of the government enacted projects whose budget is funded by tobacco taxes?

Thank goodness the government is protecting me and my family from second hand smoke.  I certainly couldn’t make a decision to stay away from it on my own!

Va. Senate Committee Approves Smoking Ban
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3 thoughts on “Va. Senate Committee Approves Smoking Ban

  • Go VA!!!!! Smokers should have the common decency to not smoke in public places like restraunts. I live in Arizona as well as Texas. It is so nice to go to a restraunt and not have extra stress on my cardio and pulmonary health. In addition, my dry cleaning bill is cheaper as I don’t have to have someone elses smoke to clean. In regarding to enforcement….. I haven’t seen any. People just obey the law and they know they can’t smoke. All are no welcome to dine at the table. They are still welcome to eat, drink and be merry. Know they just don’t envade my being by blowing their smoke in my face. I don’t bother them, they don’t bother me.

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