5 thoughts on “Crude but effective, Pershing vs. Muslims.

  • How many grisly murders are there every day in the US by non-muslims? These people deserve the same fate as Pershing’s vanquished too I guess?

  • I don’t think anyone is ACTUALLY advocating the pig’s blood execution technique, Scottie…

    I’m not a believer in “Hate Crime” legislation, so I believe all grisly murders (and murderers) should be treated the same…as murderers. And the “kind of people” is not the religion itself, but those who claim that the religion gives them license to murder. Did you read the first paragraph?

    The founder of an Islamic television station in upstate New York aimed at countering Muslim stereotypes has confessed to beheading his wife, authorities said. Muzzammil Hassan has been charged with murder in the death of his wife, Aasiya Hassan.

    So if this is the guy who is supposed to counter stereotypes…what about the ones who are not shy about the stereotypes?

    We may not (and should not) ever use the Pershing pig’s blood method, but we definitely shouldn’t be shy about calling murdering extremists…murdering extremists.

  • I’m sure we can think of many creative ways to punish wrongdoers of various stripes. Imagine tying up Bernie Madoff liquidating all his assets and dumping all his cash in a pit and pouring un-kosher pig’s blood on it. Or better yet, donating it all to CAIR or a Gazan orphanage.

    Murders occur every day, beheadings not so much. This guy set back his movement a few years. I hope any Muslim reading any of the millions of blogs criticizing this gruesome act takes note and thinks about the consequences before taking someone’s head into their own hands.

  • It would appear that the Pershing incident is apocryphal. It’s curious that the account talks of a “terrorist” attack by Muslims. The US had recently waged a war of conquest on the Philippines, resulting in the death of at least 200,000 people, most of them civilians. Villages were burned, women were raped, and the order was given to turn the island of Samar into a “howling wilderness.” It was at this time that the “water-cure,” the prototype of “waterboarding” was employed on those suspected of resisting US rule. Anyone interested in reading of a truly terrorist attack – by US troops of Muslim men, women and children in Mindanao – should Google “Bud Dajo.”

  • this is mostly true but alot of it is embellisehed for effect. the numbers were smaller but the idea is the same.Killing crazy bastards. Ken Fuller is full of crap. He doesnt’t kow his history or chooses to retell it. He a liberal bleeding heart bastard that end ups on the news with his head cut off because he thinks these people have any morale standard at all. ITS A CULT, like every other cult, it ends in cool aid, guns or any ther kind of murder. Get close to it if you want

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