So I’ve lived in Loudoun County for six years, but it was only recently that I began to really take notice of local/county politics. My own economic circumstances were partly to blame. If I am taking a closer look at my own budget and making cuts where I can, is my government doing the same thing? I invite fellow Loudoun County residents to share and provide your input.

The first thing I really noticed was an announcement that the Superintendent was proposing a cut in its budget. Then come all of the scare e-mails from PTAs and other parent organizations to “ensure that every parent was aware of the spending cuts that may go into effect in 2010 if Superintendent of Schools Dr. Hatrick’s proposed budget is NOT passed.” This insults the intelligence of all parents: Budget cuts are bad, If you want to cut the school budget, then you hate children! You child hater! Going with this logic, am I a bad parent for reducing my own budget in certain areas to provide the best for my family with the means that we have? Why can’t the county use this logic?!!!   Puhhleease!

It was nice that the school board decided to have public meetings regarding these cuts. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much in the way of discussing the proposed cuts on their own merit (shocker!).  What’s worse, Dr. Superintendent Hatrick informed us that it wasn’t his intention to even contemplate cuts in the school budget; the school board was acting on the Loudoun County Government’s direction study the effects of school budget cuts.   Kirby Bowers, Loudoun County Administrator–the highest level management office of the Loudoun County government”, said about a year ago that the issue is not how much Loudoun County should spend, it’s how much takes Loudoun County residents were willing to pay.  Can’t believe he actually said this in public!

My conclusions:

  • Neither Dr. Superintendent Hatrick nor the Board intend to look at potential savings in the school budget (while Loudoun County residents have to look at their own budgets)
  • Dr. Superintendent Hatrick does not want the blame for looking at cuts or even enacting them since he was instructed to do so by Loudoun County Government.   Dr. Superintendent Hatrick is not a child-hater!
  • Mr. Bowers and Loudoun County Government is more than willing to tax Loudoun County residents into oblivion so long as the residents are willing.

Add to this recent articles in the Washington Post that reported on DC area Superintendents travel habits, which of course include Dr. Superintendent Hatrick’s professional travel accross the country and overseas.  I wonder which pot of money is funding those trips. Not only that, but will Loudoun County disclose it? Should they?

What are your thoughts?

Does this make me a Child Hater?
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One thought on “Does this make me a Child Hater?

  • Bingo! Every time there is any discussion of school budget cuts, we are treated to a ridiculous parade of teachers begging to keep their jobs and parents outraged about the impact this will have on some list of programs that they have been told will be cut.

    Research and real-life case studies show that there is no correlation between high per-student costs and quality education. In fact, there are cases where the opposite was true. School systems with the smallest of budgets and poor physical facilities have shown to provide superior education because of the attitude, dedication and creativity of the teaching staff and an administration that lets teachers do their job.

    I too am a frustrated Loudoun taxpayer. I do not want to cut into salary or benefits for our teachers. God bless them for what they do! But, when school buildings start costing $100 million dollars each and every year the non-teacher staff population increases, we need to stop and take a hard look at what we are doing.

    Both of these gentlemen have been in Loudoun’s government since the 1970s. Good heavens, we’re not going to get any serious look at the school, or county budget, until we change regimes or tax payers get fed up and take back control. They are essentially untouchable in this county.

    No, you are not a child hater. About 70% or more of every Loudoun tax dollar goes to fund the school system and yet we are admonished if we even question the school budget. I brought my children to the Loudoun in the late 1980s. It was shocking how backward Loudoun was compared to the system we left in suburban Denver. I don’t know if things have changed. The leadership hasn’t.

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