Loudouners, get ready to pay more taxes.  If your a fiscal conservative, shut your mouth, as these tax increases are for The Children.  I understand that during tonight’s public forum on the budget, resounding applause was the response to mentions of increase in taxes to benefit the most glorious of all recipients–The Children.  So, higher taxes are needed in order to sustain the current level of funding for education in Loudoun.  Let me see if get this straight.  Am I to believe from the Loudoun County Government that for past xx number of years (any number will do here) the education budget is the most efficient and provided the most benefit with the least tax dollars?  I don’t buy it.  I just don’t.  How did we not spend to our means and tax dollars at that time.  We need to tighten our belts, not steal the clothes off our taxpayers backs!  Who are these people!?!  Am I the only who is completely disappointed with the county government and their lack of fiscal creativity or honesty.  WTF?  I hope my son doesn’t pick up this government’s bad habits!

Well, I say to those who support paying higher taxes–you are more than willing to pay higher taxes and you can go ahead and pay my share.  It’s called the Legacy Fund.

For the Children!
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One thought on “For the Children!

  • Some wise man once said “You get the government you deserve.”

    Loudouners need to get engaged and find out what’s going on in the Board room of the Government Center and School Administration building. Until they do, political decisions will be based on the hand full of outspoken people who mistakenly think money = quality education.

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