Kyl is on the screen with a chart. Sadly it is a bar chart and not a pie chart.

Kyl cites the budget cuts for the armed forces as something that will warrant GOP resistance.

Chris Wallace looks like he has Bells palsy. Funny I thought Rachel Maddow had Bells Palsy just yesterday. I’m not the only one. Maybe these talking heads need to take a break.

“Happy Mardi Gras” Ha, the party certainly is over.

Bobby provides a very Disney GOP response. Very Opie Taylor…not the genius wonk we all know and love.

Bobby Jindal provides some much needed cold water on some of the Katrina mythology. The strength of the USA is not in our gov’t but in the compassion of our neighbors.

“Instead of monitoring volcanoes, we should monitor the eruption of gov’t spending.” Priceless. This is the first rebuttal I’ve sat through and it is fun. I see Jindal won’t be mentioning the pay raise the LA legislature nearly passed last summer.

God Bless Louisiana. Absolutely needed that.

GOP team response
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