I’ve been thinking about what the Loudoun County Government Administrator said last year about county taxes.  He said that the issue isn’t how high the taxes should be, rather how much taxes loudoun residents would pay.

In a recent public forum regarding the Loudoun County budget, the majority of the “public” at the forum seemed to be in favor of higher taxes.  In fact, they applauded it.  Flash back to 2004 when Loudoun County Board of Supervisors member created:

“Loudoun Legacy Fund to provide citizens the opportunity to voluntarily contribute funds above and beyond the taxes levied on real estate.

Through the Legacy Fund, individuals, businesses, estates, trusts and any other entity may make voluntary contributions and may designate those contributions to any of the agencies and departments of the Loudoun County Government, such as Parks, Recreation and Community Services; Economic Development; the Loudoun County Public Schools; and the Loudoun Public Library; and for projects such as road improvements and land easements. “

The website even provides who the check should be written out to and the address where the check should be sent.  Given the latest hoopla (a technical term) for and about higher taxes for Loudoun County residents, you’d think that this Legacy Fund was being used to the fullest, right?  Think again.  I was advised this week via voice mail from the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors that the Legacy Fund was shut down for lack of use and interest.  If that doesn’t provide market research or proof of what Loudoun residents think of higher taxes, I don’t know what does.

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