If anyone thinks that given the current economic crisis, Universal HealthCare is a long way off…think again.

Tucked deep into this “Stimulus Package” is a bill, courtesy of the Ex-DHHS Secretary Nominee, Ex-Senator Tom Daschle, which establishes an “Office of National Coordinator of Health Information Technology,” where the DHHS shall “allow for and promote the electronic exchange and use of health information for each individual in the United States.”

You got that?…each individual.

This is the beginning of nationalized healthcare as is evidenced by the stipulation that the office’s  “annual operating plans shall be provided not later than November 1 of each year”.  These plans shall describe “how expenditures are aligned with the specific objectives, milestones, and metrics of the Federal Health Information Technology Strategic Plan”.

Further, the bill allows “at least” for the following:

1. Health information technology architecture that will support the nationwide electronic exchange and use of health information in a secure, private, and accurate manner, including connecting health information exchanges, and which may include updating and implementing the infrastructure necessary within different agencies of the Department of Health and Human Services to support the electronic use and exchange of health information.
2.  Integration of health information technology, including electronic medical records, into the initial and ongoing training of health professionals and others in the healthcare industry who would be instrumental to improving the quality of healthcare through the smooth and accurate electronic use and exchange of health information as determined by the

This is such a violation of State’s rights, contract law, free-markets…and most of all, individual privacy rights.  If the first three don’t concern you, the latter should.

(You see this is where any of you who are Pro-Choice on the grounds of individual privacy rights, your outright hypocrisy will show through if you are a fan of Universal HealthCare in general and this brand of Government overreach in particular.)

Now there are rumors that the FULL GAMUT of Daschle’s ideas (laid out in his book, Critical: What We Can Do About the Health-Care Crisis) are in this provision, but the truth is…all of these things (the wholesale universalization of HealthCare DECISIONS being the most “critical” to Mr. Daschle, decidedly less emphasis on “new” medical treatments and medicines, and penalties for Doctors’ not participating in the system) are NOT in the bill.

However, the bill creates the TOOLS NECESSARY to add these provisions at a later date–for very little money.  All of the infrastructure and technology, back office, and most of the personnel necessary to grant the DHHS complete operational control over all of our HealthCare decisions will be firmly in place courtesy of a few billion dollars, a portion of which will be carefully utilized as bribes given to Doctors to participate.

No offense to all of you who have supported the current President, but President Obama has made his career on incrementalism.  He was a genius at it in the Illinois Senate, and he’s making a genius move at it here (OK, yeah…now would be an OK time to go back and look at his actual record…no really…go ahead).

Some of you may know that as of about 3 minutes into the second Presidential debate (around the time that McCain started blabbing about $300 billion in mortgage restructuring), I transformed from political philosopher to political activist, so a couple of suggestions for those who want to do something about this nonsense:

  1. Call your Representative and both of your Senators and tell them you will fight day and night to make sure they do not get reelected if they vote for this nonsense (and follow through on that promise)–PARTICULARLY if it contains the “National Healthcare Coordinator” provision.
  2. Call your Doctors and your Pharmacists and tell them you will not be using a medical service which uses this system.  You might not have a choice with hospitals, but with your doctors and your pharmacists, you have a choice.

My wife has already said to me the following:

As God is my witness, neither my health information nor my family’s health information will be in the hands of the government…ever!

So there you go.   If it becomes required that in order for me or my family to get medical care, my doctor has to run a cost/benefit analysis by the Government, then I will find a doctor who is willing to operate outside of that system.

Furthermore, and perhaps just as importantly, the measure WILL NOT WORK at getting “costs” down.  The way it is designed to save money is (eventually) by RESTRICTING and RATIONING healthcare.  This doesn’t “bring costs down” it will actually make costs for a given procedure go UP because they will be LESS AVAILABLE (only through Doctors who are willing to operate outside the system).  And if you assume that unintended consequences have been thought through here, you probably haven’t read the news lately (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?).

This is the worst version of a solution for our HealthCare problems, and is nothing more and nothing less than a Federal takeover of the system.

National Healthcare Coordinator
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