Random thoughts on President Obama’s speech.

A little early for a State of the Union – like address, isn’t it?

Hillary is a camera hog.

Chris Dodd needs to be out of office, now.

“Short term gains were preferred over long term prosperity” Good.

Then the deluge, anti-low taxes, pro-regulation mantras.

Nothing new here folks. I wonder if one form of alternative energy is a wind farm in DC generated by Obama applause.

Democrats in Congress give themselves a standing ovation over passing the stimulus.

Extended unemployment benefits…ouch high unemployment to last for a while, eh?

Glad Obama gave props to Joe Biden. Nice.

More free loans for college, auto, homes, businesses…hmm isn’t this what got us in trouble in the first place.

Obama will refinance bad mortgages. Rick Santelli where are you?

A no “no strings attached” approach to bank bailouts. He’s right on the money here and the GOP stands up too on tis one. Ok, then guys don’t capitulate to the banks so easily from now on.

“It’s not about helping banks, it’s about helping people”. Ok if you have to say it then chances are you are doing the opposite. W said much the same thing, when he was helping out banks.

Dependence on foreign oil, health care, bad schools. Same old Same old.

A trillion dollar deficit, financial crisis and a recession…Ugh it’s true.

Bold action and Big ideas. Hold onto your wallets. (Standing O for the GI Bill…natch)

New research funds for medical research…Standing O in the Broussard home!

Energy efficiency blah blah blah.

“We should not and will not protect them from their bad practices.” Again if you have to say that it means you are protecting them from bad decisions.

Free health care for children gets a standing O…more candy for everyone! A cure for cancer?

Whoa the free health care for children gets a bigger O than a cure for cancer! Socialized medicine talk.

Teddy Roosevelt called for health care reform? Really?

Half of college entrants do not finish. Ouch. Is it wise to give everyone free money for tuition if they won’t finish college?

Incentives for teacher peformance is a good idea. Why W couldn’t think of that when he pushed NCLB I’ll never know.

Standing O for Obama telling kids not to drop out of high school. How can you be against that?

Education reform from Edward Kennedy….wait a second didn’t he author No Child Left Behind…I’ve gone cross-eyed!

Parents need to take care of their kids…another standing O!

I love how he swerved from endless promises of spending to being a committed fiscal conservative. I think I got whiplash.

Protectionist alert. Hard to get these Chinese to buy our T-bills if we don’t use stimulus $s to buy their goods. Still I’m all for the protectionist streak in Obama.

Tax free universal savings accounts…sounds good to me.

Oh yeah there’s a war going on…It’d be nice if he were to say “wins”, instead of “ends”, but the way he says ends sounds like, “ins” which is close to “wins” without the W. Maybe he’s just avoiding the W at all costs. “Unyielding support”, sounds more classy than Bill Clinton ever was to our citizens in uniform.

Obama applause our way to prosperity
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