Following the US House of Representatives unanimous motion to only allow for votes after the text of the legislation has been available for at least 48 hours, the House followed by the Senate approved a $787B and 1073 page bill that was made available 11pm the previous evening.

Check out this disturbing video where the majority leader of the House declares that the 48 hours previously committed to by the entire House of Representatives is not binding and this bill is to be considered “read” at the time of the vote.

Keep in mind that the average reading rate is 2 minutes per page.  This would mean that the bill may be read from start to finish if you sit and read for 35.8 hours straight (no bathroom breaks…eewww!).

President Obama now has perfect opportunity to score a few points with those on the dark other side of the aisle.  Will he abide by his own statements and campaign promises that wooed so many to vote for him and allow time for Americans and elected officials to read this important bill?

“Americans have the right to know how their tax dollars are spent, but that information has been hidden from public view for too long.”

For goodness sake, if the bill is so great then it will stand on its own and he could sign the darn thing on Tuesday.  We shall see.

Obama, this could be your moment. This could be your time.
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