WARNING:  THIS IS A DEPRESSING POST!!!  And yes, I will be rambling.

I couldn’t believe that General Motors admits to use US bailout money to invest $1B in a plant in Brazil.

This is the second time GM took taxpayer funding; apparently, it did not encourage smart business practices or at least smart business practices in the US (what can they do, the Union is the monkey on their back here!).   Apparently, GM feels is is more productive to invest in non-union areas…hmm…so what do we do?  The government votes to strengthen the union stranglehold on American companies.

Tell me why should we prolong the failure of a crappy business?  Regarding failing companies I like SC Governor Sanford’s advice regarding the economy: “let’s get this thing over with, let’s not drag it on.”

Speaking of crappy businesses, here’s a rather sad opinion article in the Washington Post from a small business owner who laments not having customers because they can’t afford his product.  He wishes for the government to supply his would-be customers so that his business can survive.  OK, so we are going to create false demand for products that wouldn’t exist on their own merits? Um…not with my money!   My grandfather, God rest his soul, told me stories of how the government would call him at home and ask him to take farm subsidies.  He would always decline and reiterate his belief that if you can’t make a living doing what you are doing, then you should find another way to make a living…because you suck at what you are doing now!

US Taxpayers make $1B investment in Brazil
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3 thoughts on “US Taxpayers make $1B investment in Brazil

  • Brasil is where GM makes a lot of profit.
    Is the only place american automakers profit skyrocket in 2008.
    Cars in Brasil are sold for 2,5 to 3 times the prices in US.The market grows every year.
    Return on investment is fantastic, and is helping to reduce the US operation losses year after year.
    There is no better place to invest in auto industry.
    Sorry, to disgree, but I worked 18 years in this industry and I couldn’t let this pass without my contribution

  • The brazilian operation is were GM gets the greater ROI.
    Probably is the best place to an auto industry invest.
    The profit returns to the US to help the US operation.
    Cars in Brasil are sold with a very good profit margin, and GM is doing good.
    A I agree American tax payer would have a better investment to make, clean energy for sure,electric cars is obvious
    But if they are going to help GM…Brazil is the best place to invest for profit.

  • What an absolute crazy position to have, Antonio!!

    A company trying to do something to boost profit? That profit helping American stakeholders?

    Unthinkable!!! They should be more “compassionate”!

    Kidding, of course, thanks for the comment…

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