Here’s what he REALLY said:

We’re going to do the only responsible thing:  we’re going to manhandle banks into loaning money to small businesses regardless of credit-worthiness, so that a couple of years down the road when the same thing happens to commercial debts that happened to real estate debts, this thing will be so bad off, I’ll have the perfect excuse to just jump in and nationalize the WHOLE DAMN THING…FINALLY!  Thank you very much, now I have to go talk to my chief of staff, so could you please set up the teleprompter in the oval office for me?

“Obama saves small business”

4 thoughts on ““Obama saves small business”

  • I am somewhat disappointed in this site. It is not objective. It is Obama bashing. This is not better than listening to hate talk radio. When one only attacks and never have solutions it is a sign of divisive politics with no desire to make our country better. Obama is doing an extraordinary job given the fact that many crooks put our country in this horrible position. As is stands now, it is very difficult for large corporations to get loans; much less a small business. The statement above is someone who hates the president no matter what he does. One would wonder what attributes this president has that would cause someone to hide behind pompous arrogance and intolerance to devote their lives to look for negatives and misreport intention and progress for selfish motives. MOVE ON, come up with solutions. Don’t be the devil who just wants to destroy.

  • Harrison, you know I love ya, but what a load of nonsense.

    We’ve had this site up for more than 4 years, and in that four years we’ve invited half a dozen minds, including yourself, of a more liberal persuasion to have authorship rights on this site. None of them lasted because all they were capable of doing is bashing the Bush Administration.

    There is a depth of ‘alternative solutions’ on this website. You’re more than welcome to search our archives for our ideas on healthcare and the economy and whatever else. Then come tell me this is just an Obama-bashing site.

    Your lack of objectivity is so blatant it makes me want to cry with laughter when you accuse me of it. The truth is, Harrison, these brief humorous posts is all I have time for any more, because while you’re nodding and smiling and telling me to play nice, while your clueless President does his best to throw Federalism and Capitalism out with yesterday’s garbage, I’m actively doing something to fight it.

    If you wish to silence opposition because your guy is in office, you’re on the wrong site, and if you wish us to believe that the blatant incompetence, lack of knowledge, and illogical economic philosophies of the Obama administration should be met with reason and logic, then:

    F*** you and the Fascist f***ing boat you rode in on.

    I’m done.

  • Butch,

    This blog speaks for itself and your angry sentiment is a direct reflection of your motive and emotionally charged politics. Being objective is not being on the attack. Your comments are reminant of something from the “deep south.” A mindset hid behind a white clothe. Again, where is your objectiveness on this site. I did not see it in your poorly constructed response. I have never heard you give what would be positive and constructive criticism with alternative solutions. Barak is a brilliant president and he came just in time. He has been in office for less than 60 days and has set an agenda to address many hard issues this country is facing.

    You participate in events like “tax tea parties.” You drive on our roads, attended public schools, excercise your free speech (as unobjective as it may be), and enjoy the priviledges the collective experience of this nation has provided you. Back to things like the fanatic tea party — do it at a venue which tax dollars have not provided services.

    The fact is: this African American president could do nothing that would be positive in your eyes. You know it and I know it. Since you got personal, I will do the same. I remember a certain friend telling me that we could not be freinds after school because I was “black.” Unfortuntately, I have talked to many people from the south that share your sentiment with me and with our President.

    Back to the economy. Crooks who benefited from a Republican Administrations lack of fiscal oversight and responsiveness destroyed this ecomony. Yes, both republicans and democrats are at faught. In fact, you and I are to blame as well. Americans live above thier means. In my opinion, our national debt mirrors our personal debt. We expect much in this county, but this current society does not want to pay for its excess. A great example is the fact that Americans think they deserve free healthcare. They get a little deducted from thier pay checks and have to pay a little co-pay. Someone has to pay for this. Americans run to the emergency room for a cough and fever. They rack of a $3000 bill and pay $100 in copay. This is half of the total premium they pay for one year through their employer.

    What are your solutions to this fix we have put our selves in? Is it going to spontaneously solve itself? I am so sick of Emus with thier head in the sand. Wake up. We have serfious issues to face in this nation and in the world. We need debate on issues. Feedback that is constructive. We need solutions. So, all that I ask is for conversation that brings VALUE. Yours does not. So, your blog is irrelevant.

  • Let me tell you what speaks for itself:

    You accusing me if being a racist.

    That’s absolutely pathetic, beneath you, and you should be ashamed.

    Now I’m REALLY done.

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