Here are the comments made by President Barack Obama this morning.

Here’s what he really said:

The American auto industry will now be run directly out of my office.  When I go to the G20 meeting, I want to be able to tell the most Despotic of world leaders that I have completely nationalized a major industry in my country so that I’ll be invited to all the cool communist cocktail parties.

Obviously this doesn’t guarantee that anyone in Michigan or elsewhere is any more likely to have a job than if we had let the companies go bankrupt.  But obviously we couldn’t just let “the Market” [laughter from the White House press] just do what it pleases.  We’re appointing a new White House “Car Czar,” but first we want to make sure he a) doesn’t have any tax liens, and b) drives a Mercedes SUV.

Any questions…?

Obama Saves the Auto Industry!
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One thought on “Obama Saves the Auto Industry!

  • It has been suggested that people owning GM and Chrysler cars call the White House phone number to answer questions and to get details regarding the auto warranties that Obama is now in charge of. The White House staff should be helpful in diseminating the required information and mounds of paperwork that will now be involved with this new Government bandaid…err…project.

    This program will also initiate increased interest in Honda, Toyota, etc. cars due to the streamlined and very competive car warranteis they offer.

    Remember to wait patiently and take a number for service from the White House as they are working toward putting together another Government department (with coinciding Governmental jobs to become available) called the “Government Auto Warranty Lifelife for GM and Chrysler Customers” or GAWL–pronounced gaul, as in “they have the gaul and audicity to infringe on more of our Country’s freedoms.”

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