Tennessee law makers are considering a bill to allow full-time faculty and staff (is there some kind of liability with the part-timers?) to carry a handgun onto public campuses.

The President of the UT-Knoxville Faculty Senate, John Nolt, claimed little support from the professors; he said that “campus should be a place of learning not an armed campus…” as if the two were mutually exclusive.  With his logic, the six firearm training programs occurring in April in Tennessee are useless (don’t waste your money).   How does this logic apply to sex ed?

Meanwhile, State Representative Stacey Campfield reminds us that “By banning guns on campus you are not banning the criminals…All you are banning is the people from begin able to defend themselves.”  Amen.  Wish the proposed law would go further and make handguns available for all who can obtain permit.  If one were ever to plan something similar to the Virginia Tech tragedy, all one would have to do is take out the prof and the remainder of the classroom would be defenseless.

State Legislation to Watch–Tennessee

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  • To answer your question, my guess is that it is to deal with the issue of adjunct faculty: outside experts who teach perhaps one course a year or semester.

    Hardly surprising.

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