There’s a tea party going on in Lafayette.

April 15th 4pm -7pm ACROSS the street from the Federal Courthouse at 800 Lafayette Street – in Richard Putnam Park

Hello Everyone,
On April 15th, in over 1,600 small and large cities across the nation, there will be PEACEFUL ASSEMBLIES of concerned citizens. These assemblies are being referred to as TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Parties – reminiscent of the Boston Tea Party. They will consume the media, as every sizable city will have tens of thousands of fed-up taxpayers on the steps of their government buildings. Baton Rouge, for example, is expecting well over 10,000 on the Capitol Building. Large cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, , New York, Dallas, Sacramento, etc., are expecting hundreds of thousands each! This is a grass roots movement the media doesn’t want to advertise. But they can’t stop it now as the word is spreading like wild-fire
This will be an event which has never occurred in America’s history. The SILENT MAJORITY is finally coming together to stand against the insanity that has been going on in Washington for decades and now threatens to destroy every ideal and belief that this country was built on. YOUR future is severely at risk. The socialist owned media has manipulated and confused and convinced society into sitting back while short-sighted politicians on both sides have slowly manipulated YOUR rights and wasted YOUR money. The entire structure of our society has been ransacked! YOU know this. YOU can feel it in the back of your mind. And in your heart.
And now YOU have a chance to join with your friends, family, and neighbors to send a message, loud and clear, to our government. A message that says WE, the people, insist that our government return to the ideals of Capitalism and Democracy and Free Enterprise – NOT socialism, fascism, or nationalized bureaucracy. Return to the ideals that empower individuals – not government. For it is WE, the people, as individuals, who built these united States into the greatest country in history. But it is government which continues to turn away from those things and thereby creates more and more problems. THIS was the lesson our Founding Fathers knew.
If you are interested in being a part of that message then I urge you to take a few hours of your time to join us as WE, the people, stand together and peacefully proclaim that WE will be the Silent Majority – NO MORE!

Acadiana Tea Party
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  • Well it is about time We the People of the USA stand up to the government. I am sorry but we elected them and it seems We are getting the raw end of the deal here. Others enter Our Country and get better benifits then We that have been paying into the system for all these years. It is time for Us to be heard, how much more abuse can We go through. Thank You, whom ever started this.


    An American

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