The Advertiser just ran a story of a local store in Louisiana that, despite being near a church, was able to obtain a liquor permit.

It reminded me of a recent post on Brain Terminal about controversy in Knoxville, TX:

“On one side of the disagreement is a Muslim mosque, and some of its worshippers are unhappy about plans for a new restaurant that will serve alcohol.

On the opposing end of the clash is a business owner who says he’s invested $1 million to upgrade a blighted building and has tried to accommodate Muslim worshippers during spiritual holidays.

The two entities – The Hill restaurant and the Anoor mosque – are a mere 191 feet apart.”

Knoxville ordinance establishes a 300 ft buffer from church premises to an establishment that serves alcohol.  The ordinance is waived if the establishment is granted liquor license at the state level.

While each state/city has similar buffer laws, I wonder if the buffer goes both ways.  For example, can a church locate within 300 ft of an establishment with a liquor permit?  Or will the establishment have to move if the church impedes on the buffer?  Who has liability?

How far from a church must you be to obtain a liquor permit?
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