My heart goes out to the folks in Italy.  Many will be celebrating an albeit humble Easter.  Chin up, Italians; the US is donating $50,000 in emergency aid.  Some pretty funny comments after the article.  I piratically like the following:

“$50,000? Is that a typo? Why don’t we just send them some DVDs or an iPod?”

“ACORN got $4.17 billion dollars in the so-called “stimulus plan”.

Meanwhile, you’ve probably already read about the $900M in aid to rebuild Gaza.  Overall pledges from over 40 countries were $5B.  Hmmm.  So 2.5% of the donors paid 18% of the aid.  Interesting.  Sounds familiar (hat tip TaxProfBlog via Brain Terminal:

“Top 1% earned 19% of Income, Paid 28% of All Federal Taxes in 2006.”

While I’m sure this isn’t the most unbiased of sources, Hamas is planning on building a military staff college.  Wonder where they got the money to do that?  Guess they didn’t get Obama’s memo and good faith efforts to achieve peace through nonproliferation.

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