The Virginia Chapter of the American Conservative Party is hosting a Tax Day Tea Party in Reston, VA on April 15th starting at 6pm.

Look at it as the “Tea Party After Party” for those who are braving the D.C. event, and an opportunity for Northern Virginians to make the statement to Richmond that we demand accountability for our hard earned dollars going down a “Three-Lane Highway.”

We’ll be in the Middle of the Square at the Lake Anne Plaza in Reston, VA. Since this is private property, we can be thankful that this is a Conservative Protest with intelligent Americans who are likely to patronize the various establishments of our host (at least 2 great Restaurants that are still open after 6pm).

Look forward to seeing you there!

City: Reston
When: April 15, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Where: Lake Anne Village Center; 1609 Washington Plaza
Contact: EMAIL
Other Info:
Facebook Group: CLICK HERE

If you are on Facebook, RSVP through the link above.  If not, comment here, and let us know you’re coming.  And stay tuned for updates!!

Northern Virginia Tax Day Tea Party!!!
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7 thoughts on “Northern Virginia Tax Day Tea Party!!!

  • Please post a follow up to this in 10 days and let us know about the tens of people that show up for this…. one thumbnail image should be sufficient to include all participants of the PARTY!!!

  • JSJ, if that is your real name,

    Don’t know if you noticed but the democrats control 2 branches of gov’t, and all policy at this point. Every time Obama gives a speech the stock market tanks or some section of the private sector is in danger (see autos). Jobs are still hemhorraging. So, cute glib remarks like yours aren’t going to cut it. You look pretty childish and to be honest, make me question why we allow anonymous comments.

  • So what you’re saying is if McCain had been elected everything would be wonderful?!
    no unemployment no bank failures the stock market better than ever the car manufacturers making record profits and the pirates would probably be in church asking for forgiveness. But if not at least the taxes would be less. wish I could move to your world instead of reality

  • I can’t speak for johnnyb, but what encouraged my tea party support is the cummulative effects of years of irresponsible spending in DC; Richmond, VA; and Loudoun County. So, to answer your question. No.

  • 4 Eporter
    Thanks for the honesty glad someone can see it’s not just one person responsible but all of gov’t run irresponsibly

  • Thanks for the kind words Paul! We’re doing our best with all this We’re fortunate to have so many pepole involved and volunteering their time to make a difference for wildlife and their habitats. This bird atlas will be a huge accomplishment

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