Let me give credit where it is due. God Bless the Navy for their incredible job here. Obama answered his first 3 am call. I’m an eternal optimist so I’ll hope that this is a “speak softly and carry a big stick” policy by Barack. That being said, you can’t just ask people to ignore this situation like he did earlier.

Obama ok’d rescue plan
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2 thoughts on “Obama ok’d rescue plan

  • The decision for action WAS MADE BY THE NAVY. News reports indicate that it was “a split-second decision”. This type of decision falls under the authority of military actions. It does not require approval by a President. Yesterday while listening to the radio, I heard mention of the actual military regulation that gives the authority, but unfortunately I cannot foward that regulation. Again, it is great that the President “supported” the Navy decision for action, but it WAS NOT NECESSARY FOR OBAMA TO GIVE THE WORD TO TAKE ACTION–especially with the knowledge that “split-second decision” must necessarily be immediate and not subject to receiving approval from an outside entity, i.e. a President. Good job Navy. Thanks and God Bless our all our Military and our Country!!

  • President Obama is COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF. He is not an Outside entity. What planet are you from. God bless the President for given his troops the authority to fire in international waters.

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