Have you been to a Tax Day Tea Party (locate one here!)?  Do share your thoughts and experiences.  Please include the following:

  • Location and Time of Tea Party
  • Reason for attending
  • General Thoughts and/or Specific Experiences

While this is only a suggested list, I’d also like to know (1) approx. how many people were in attendance (please provide basis), (2) were there any weather issues, (3) composition of the crowd, (4) interesting conversations, etc.


Requesting All Tax Day Tea Party Reports!!!
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2 thoughts on “Requesting All Tax Day Tea Party Reports!!!

  • Hi. My wife and I went to the Tea Party in Reston, VA. It was scheduled to be from 6 pm to 8 pm.

    There were some scheduling challenges, which caused the organizers to move the location the day of the event. They handled it pretty well and it turned out to be a good idea, because there were way too many cars. They never could have fit the parking at the original site.

    Reason for attending: I’m fed up with run-away taxation and spending. Especially the spending! Trillions of dollars in debt? In his first 100 days?? I want a smaller government and lower taxes! I am as mad with the Republicans as I am the Democrats!

    The weather was terrible – a cold rain. We’ve never gone to any kind of protest, so we had no idea what to expect. My own personal estimate would be about 200 or 300 people. I’ve heard higher numbers, but we got there about 6:45 or so, so maybe some people had already left. The place was mobbed by cars, however, and there were still people coming in at 7:30.

    Pro: The people! Everyone was nice, polite and smiling. There was an excitement present. It was like popping up from a gopher hole after being smothered by Obamamania and thinking, “Gee! There ARE other people who think like I do! You’d never know it by the news coverage.” People were HAPPY and it was really funny to see some of the signs.

    Con: The organizers – God Bless ‘Em – were not all that organized. We could have benefited from a decent sound system, a better stage, and some patriotic speakers.

    The Cons can all be addressed. The Pros are something you can’t manufacture.

    Thank you to the organizers of the Reston, VA Tea Party. Reston is definitely “Blue” country, so I was surprised at the turnout.

    I am hoping we move on to bigger and better things! We are ready!


  • I went to the rally in Chicago, Illinois during the lunch hour 12pm-1pm. I attended because i’m fed up with the size and scope of government, whether it is wasting money on having a military presense in 130 countries, or trying to spend our way out of a situation in which spending was the cause.

    Of course they are printing money left and right to fix the problem which is about as idiotic as taking water out of one end of the pool and pouring it into the other end in order to try to raise the level of the water.

    When I got there I was completely suprised as to the number of people that were already there. It was almost as big as the anti-war rallies back when Bush was in office and all of those anti-war groups were still anti-war. According to one website I saw, 4000 people attended.

    I personally think it was sad that a good number of people focused so much on Obama when Bush had increased the size and scope of government more than anyone before him. I think the Young Republicans rented a sail boat and threw boxes marked “tea” over the side or some such thing, which is probably one reason most of the local news thinks it was some big Republican conspiracy to undermind Obama’s stimlus package. It wasn’t all too bad, I did get a picture of the “Republicans Suck Too: End the Fed” sign.

    It was also nice to see that so many people around here have at least loosely similar economic thoughts as I do.

    One bad part was the sound system wasn’t too great, and they desperately needed a stage so you could actually see the speakers, but other then that it was great.

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