From the Missouri Information Analysis Center

  • You are a white male
  • You are a farmer
  • You are upset about the taxes you are required to pay
  • You oppose the Civilian Defense Force (3-months mandatory service for those 18-25 yrs of age)
  • You watch or enjoy Rambo-like movies
  • You read and/or enjoy Tom Clancy novels
  • You think that “the Government has gotten away from the intent of the Constitution”  (it actually says this!!!)
  • You believe in strong states rights
  • You are pro-life or anti-abortion
  • You want to enforce the law against illegal immigration
  • If you proclaim yourself to be Christian

Boy it sucks to be you!  Since the release of the report the following has happened:
-The head of the Missouri State Highway Patrol enforce a recall of the report.
-Missouri House of Representatives prohibited the state agency from funding such reports (vote went down party lines)
-Missouri Lt. Governor calls for investigation of the report.

You may be a rightwing militant extremist if…

3 thoughts on “You may be a rightwing militant extremist if…

  • What a bunch of nincompoops.

    And people wonder why Conservatives claim the intellectual upperhand.

    A belief in Individual and State Sovereignty is Right-Wing Extremism?

    The Gadsden Flag? The Navy Jack? Navy vessels still fly the Navy Jack…are they dissidents?

    What a bunch of morons.

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