Looks like Cal-eee-forn-eee-a is pushing to legalize pot to shore up their budget shortfall.  Wonder when this is going to go national?  There are a lot of things that we can pay for with tax revenue from pot:

  1. Health Care for Everyone (in the form of pot)
  2. Greener Everything (what kind of carbon footprint does pot have?)
  3. Education for all…everyone can have a PhD!
  4. Everyone has a home, cell phone, Internet access, car, wii and Pop Tarts

Once it’s nationally legalized, can I get farm subsidies to grow it?  I think I could get one for being a really bad farmer…hmmmm.

I haven’t read too much on it, but wasn’t Prohibition repealed in 1933 when federal government was trying to save the economy?  Just thinking…if pot doesn’t work, we can just name off the vice that we’ll legalize for the revenue…what a wonderful government we’ll have with an endless revenue stream!  All our problems will be solved!  Woo hoo.  Can’t wait.

Have Drugs, Need Revenue
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One thought on “Have Drugs, Need Revenue

  • You can buy land on which not to grow pot, and then use the subsidies to buy more land on which not to grow pot.

    Apologies to Joseph Heller.

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