Read this article about a new Russia-Nigerian gas company named (I kid you not!) Nigaz.

Other marketing blunders (I’m sure there are several others):

  • Nova (a Chevy) means “does not go” in Spanish
  • Vista (Microsoft) means “frumpy woman” in the country of Latvia
  • Irish Mist (alcoholic drink), Mist Stick (curling iron from Clairol), and Silver Mist (Rolls Royce)—Mist means dung/manure in German
  • Zyklon Sneakers (Umbro)—Zyklon was name of gas used by Nazi regime to murder Jews in concentration camps
    • Honda Fitta (car)—Fitta is an old, vulgar word for women’s genitals in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish

Marketing Blunder…Don’t Know Whether to Laugh or Cry
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One thought on “Marketing Blunder…Don’t Know Whether to Laugh or Cry

  • Thank God for these blunders. You can’t make this stuff up! And there are so many more:

    – BARF Detergent – an Iranian brand of soaps and detergents. Barf means snow in Farsi.

    – PEE Cola – Ghana. Too far away to know any better, I guess.

    – SHITTO gravy – again, Ghana. Eating Shitto and drinking Pee. More power to’em.

    – FART candy bars – Eastern Europe. Just classic.

    – WACK OFF insect repellant – Australia. If I’ve known it was that easy…

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