Many of the 879 laws passed in the recent 45-day General Assembly session come into effect today.  I am very thankful for the no-writing/reading of texts/e-mails-while-driving law, but I don’t think it goes far enough.  Based on my own experiences, I think an amendment should be added that prohibits the following activities while driving:

  • Putting on makeup
  • Writing
  • Eating
  • Playing electronic games or use of cell phone apps
  • Drinking (no more cupholders, car costs would go down)
  • Getting Dressed/Changing Clothes (admit it, you’ve done this!)
  • Going to the bathroom (Guys, you can’t deny you’ve done this at least once!)
  • Reading the newspaper or anything else
  • Reading a map (of course if this is a law, they have to provide everyone a free GPS)
  • Operating a DVD player (for the kids, right)
  • Distracting communications that would ultimately divert drivers attention away from driving–this includes arguments with your significant other or any other member of your family, breaking up fighting kids in the backseat, and any stressful cellphone conversations wtih clients, co-workers, bosses, HR, payroll, security, banker, parole officer, etc. 

Of course additional ammendments may be added as new hazards are discovered or made up.

VA Lawmakers Saving Us from Ourselves
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2 thoughts on “VA Lawmakers Saving Us from Ourselves

  • I like your suggestions, e, but I don’t think they go far enough. They should definitely limit the volume level of all radios in vehicles and prevent radio stations from broadcasting attention getting talking heads like Limbaugh. You know, for the children. Also, they’d have to prevent catchy music from playing on the radio and confiscate CDs or ipods with catchy tunes like “Off the Wall” from MJ or “Life on Mars” by David Bowie.

    Finally, driving in the rain should also be prohibited, not to mention snow.

  • Great ideas! No distracting bumper stickers. If the colors of cars were limited to a select few, they would be less distracting. How about safe govt.-issued sedatives for passengers to make sure they do no distract the driver…

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