AARP has confidence in our government; so, you should, too!  Their site attempts to promote the reform by identifying Myths vs. Facts, providing a few facts for every myth.  They basically parrot what our politicians are telling us.  Why don’t I have the warm and fuzzies?  Here is the first myth:

AARP:  “Myth 1:  Health care reform is socialized medicine.”
Me:  Depends on how the bill is written.  Shall we address the bill?
AARP:  Truth:  Health care reform will preserve employer provided coverage.
Me:  So, if the employers are offering its employees govt-provided coverage (single payer), how is this not socialized medicine?  The recently proposed bill limits the ability of insurance providers to compete (how can they compete with the govt?).
AARP:  Truth:  Public option would allow for greater choice and force competition.
Me:  Who wants to compete with the govt? Who can compete with the government?  I cannot run my business $1 Trillion dollars in the red, but my govt is chugging along with that debt or greater (depending on which set of books you look at).  As insurance companies slowly go out of business, competition slows and prices go up.
AARP:  Truth:  “Every proposal that Congress is considering would allow people to choose their own doctors and hospitals.”
Me:  Ok, but will those doctors be able to choose, in their expert opion, the right care when it is appropriate?  How will the current bill affect my doctor’s choice of how to treat me and when.  As it is now, doctors are scared of being sued and therefore scared of not treated/testing for every possible scenario.

I’ll have to find the latest version that the House Committee approved and test these Myth/Truth ascertains.  More myths to come.  Anyone out there with some insight?  Any AARP members who will be non-member in the near future?

AARP Supports Health Care Reform
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2 thoughts on “AARP Supports Health Care Reform

  • I think you’re lying.

    Why? “AARP: Truth: Public option would allow for greater choice and force competition.”

    I defy you to give a link to that. You just blatantly made that up.

    Some eporter you are. What gives you the right to just make stuff up????


  • Actually the link in the post will take you right to it. Still, funny you should say that. It seems that AARP has backed down a little bit in the past few weeks (see While they’re distancing themselves from any particular bill, the link in this post remains. They make several claims about “public option”, “health care reform proposal” (is it safe to assume that this refers to the draft bills put together so far by our legislatures and not Sean Penn’s health care reform proposal?), and the President and Congress committments to solving the problem. Go check it out and let me know your take.

    By no means am I saying our health care system is perfrect, but health care reform can take on many forms. Just because I believe there should be reform doesn’t mean I agree with how that reform is being currently proposed. AARP is pretty clear that they are backing the Presidnet and Congress approach regardless of whether they call out a particular bill or not.

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