Loudoun Independent reports on Deed’s latest speech this week delivered at GMU.  Common themes throughout were:

  • Tax credits for small business.  Here, here!  Well it was a brief mention, but I grab onto these ideas when I hear them. We need lower taxes as well as tax credits!
  • Not taking/reducing funding monies from Education.  Even though he says that he supports zero based budgets (Traditional budgeting only increases need to be justified.  Zero-based budget requires justification of all budgeted dollars), he says that he disagrees with reducing Education monies.  This doesn’t quite jive, but who’s holding him accountable for that?    In fact he seems to support Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money!  In “2004, I voted for the largest investment in education funding in the Commonwealth’s history.” 
  • Government is best way to provide opportunity.  This should be taken away as the over-arching theme and the one with which I am most concerned.  “…it’s the people we elect who have the biggest impact on your educational and economic opportunities.”  I disagree whole-heartedly with this assessment.  In fact, it’s this governmental impact that I’d like to reduce….give the power back to the people. 
Deed Delivers at GMU
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