Here’s the only video I’ve seen so far. 

I heard that union members got there around 3pm then the constituents were allowed (wonder if those union members were constituents as well).  Howard Dean was supposed to speak as well.  All I saw were the super duper lines outside, which made me proud to know that so many people came out to voice their opinion, whatever it may be.  Would love to hear your thoughts, experiences or related links.

Update:  Thank you for the first-hand reports coming in from those who attended.  Please keep them coming!  The news outlets are now reporting on the town hall:
Washington Post
MyFox5 (includes videos)
Washington Examiner (reports that it “Descended into Chaos”)
ABC News 7 (Very meager reporting here!  Step up ABC!)

Here are some “Tweeters”:
Jim Geraghty

Meanwhile Wolf will have a Town “Call” meeting (which I think is pretty lame, but pretty much in line with most VA Republicans).

Jim Moran Town Hall Meeting in VA
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3 thoughts on “Jim Moran Town Hall Meeting in VA

  • My wife and I got there about 6 pm. The line stretched around the school and snaked around the parking lots. There were easily thousands there.

    In my own humble unscientific opinion the Obama forces were successful in whatever means they used to marshal their minions there. With Howard Dean showing up, I am sure a big turnout was important to them.

    I heard from some people that the Obama folks were there in line before 3 pm. I have a J-O-B, so I could not get there earlier.

    One lady told us that she was denied entry because she could not demonstrate that she lived in Rep Moran’s district. She had a conservative home-made sign. We observed most people gaining entry simply by filling out pre-made forms that asked for a name and address. The forms were handed out, of course, by organizers there. I did not observe any discrimination on the handing out of forms.

    My wife and I made our own signs on cardboard on our kitchen table last night, so they were pretty amateurish. However, we saw lots of slick, professional signs urging Health Care Now, etc.

    Almost everyone I saw in line was holding the same blue little sign with some kind of “I love Obama health care” slogan on the front, and “Thank You” on the back. At least most of the people had enough shame not to wave them in the face of us folks who made our own signs! The looked sheepish shuffling in.

    I did not see any purple T-shirts or obvious Union people. There were some organizers running around from Organizing for America, and others with some kind of Obama nametag. Others wore the same blue Obama T-shirt. It really seems like a cult sometimes.

    Although we held up signs and engaged in some spirited exchanges with the Obama-types, we were badly outnumbered.

    For me, it was even hard to find info on the Town Hall. Imagine what Conservatives could accomplish if we were actually semi-organized! It was obvious that many of the blue sign-holders were organized. I did not see any buses.

    I kept looking at these people as they shuffled in, clutching all of their Obama-gear. They looked like normal intelligent people. How could they be such willing pawns?

    The most depressing liberal (and apparently home-made) sign: “Patriots Love the Public Option” (with a large red heart for “love”.) So sad.

    It certainly demonstrates that Conservatives can not rest on our laurels from the initial Town Hall appearances. Demonstrations are second-nature to many liberals, so they are going to start showing up more when told to do so by their organizers. For my wife and I, this was the first time we had ever done something like this.

    I liked it! GET FIRED UP!

    Update: I just saw the late news and they showed the inside. There appeared to be LOTS of people objecting and displaying anger. Maybe many of the people I saw just walking in and not displaying any signs were “closet conservatives” who needed to act that way just to get in! They looked great!

    Northern Virginia

  • I got there around 6:00 and the line was two blocks long. Their were plenty of organizers from,
    and the Unions had a considerable presence and many were down close to where Moran was speaking. On of the organizers was handing out blue prepared signs
    in favor of healthcare now. The meeting was pretty much canned the had questions in a bucket that were already prepared. No questions from the audience was allowed except the prepared ones. The meeting was stacked with enough organizers that it was just a chant and stomp feast to disrupt and not allow anyone to get a point across. Sad really, however one question was answered by Moran that was interesting, He was asked can he name a government program that is not failing or in the red. His answer was the Military! What a Moron!

  • I was there around 4pm not because I was a part of any organization but because I wanted to get in. What I saw of the union guys they passed out forms to write down your name and address and were used as crowd control The small signs read “Standing Together For Health Care Insurance, hardly I love Obama health care, remember Obama, Congress and Government employees have health care. I doubt the questions were prescreened since one woman who was screaming thruout the evening sitting 3 rows behind me against Moran and Dean, her question was picked. The ones that were screaming during the whole meeting were those who are against all Americans having health care. I did like one homemade sign that read Who would God cover? And then Randall Terry was there adding to the screaming and the media couldn’t get to him fast enough with all of their camera gear and they looked so stupid. Howard Dean added to the evening with his insight on how Europe developed their health care after the war and about why tort reform is not included. I left with a headache with the crazies screaming against health care reform and not listening at all to Moran and Dean obviously their Mamas didn’t raise them right!

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