Here’s a study in Hong Kong where half of health care workers would refuse swine flu vaccine.

If this happens in Massachusetts, then half of the health care work force could face a $1000 fine and land in jail. 

How’s this for irony:  Robin Starr’s 16 year-old blind and deaf dog died after accidentally leaving him in her hot car. Who’s Robin?  She’s the CEO of the Richmond Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Virginia.

Meanwhile, Republican representative Thaddeus McCotter (MI) introduced the “HAPPY Act” or Humanity and Pets Partnered Through the Years.  The bill allows for pet owners to take tax deductions for their care up to $3500 per year.  You should be proud as this is some really ground-breaking legislation that will make a huge impact in our lives!  Makes me think of a news story about the “Cat Lady” found dead in her home with 258 80 cats and their feces.  She should’ve taken better care of herself; she could’ve gotten $280,000 in tax deductions.  Somehow I suspect that this legislation will not result in the promoting of the welfare of animals (or Americans for that matter).  Wonder what Robin Starr would say?






Also from DC:  Bill Richardson will not be indicted for pay-to-play accusations.  “The decision not to seek indictments was made by Justice Department officials in Washington, they said, speaking on condition they not be identified because prosecutors had not disclosed results of the probe.  ‘It’s over. There’s nothing. It was killed in Washington,’ one of the people told The Associated Press.”

Seems Metro is having more troubles here in the DC area:  A rail car struck another train in West Falls Church (no one seriously injured).  Meanwhile, NoVa are awaiting toll road hikes to pay for this nonsense to be extended out to the Dulles Airport.  Remember the hikes introduced in 2005?

 While back in February Peter Orszag (Obama’s Budget Director or Budget Czar as Glenn Beck likes to call him) states in this video (at 4:36) that Obama will half the deficit by the end of his first term, Mr. Orszag recently raised the 10-year deficit projections to $9 Trillion (many think this to be a very conservative estimate).  Later in the video (6:00), Maddow asks the “Budget Czar” (her words, not mine) to address the accusations that Obama is “soaking the rich” to pay for all of this spending.  Orszag replies that “This is exactly what the President campaigned on…through shared sacrifice.”  I don’t see where the sharing comes in…at least not sharing of sacrifices.  We all know what happens when the rich feel the squeeze of taxes:  they jump ship .  Wonder where our rich will go when the tax collectors come a calling?

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  • I have to be glad I don’t live in Massachusetts or else I’d be paying a large fine. I have never been a supporter of any flu vaccine and I would make no exception for the swine flu vaccine.

    Every flu vaccine is designed to work against specific strains of the virus. The effectiveness of any flu vaccine varies depending on how well the specialists have guessed about the strain of the virus that will be circulating and causing illness. Even if they get it close, as a rule viruses replicate and alter themselves on a continuous basis there by decreasing the efficacy of the vaccine.

    Additionally, I don’t see the point of heightening my immune response system for something I may never encounter. In today’s environment, it has enough to keep up with.

    1. I think the fundamental issue is how would seonome best effect the VMAT2? Yes, one way would be to block it’s production at the DNA, however, that would cause a number of neurological side effects in metabolizing neurotransmitters. If I was to do it, I would attack the protein’s functionality. We know VMAT2 is inhibited by dextroamphets due to binding site deactivation. Specific immunoglobulins, which do pass the blood brain barrier could be stimulated by vaccination.

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