Some conservative groups that I’ve never heard of said they had 20-30k people commit to the rally on their website.  How many came?  This Many:



Also interesting is the following time lapse of the march:

And further coverage on CSPAN.

How many people were at the DC 9/12 Tea Party?
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2 thoughts on “How many people were at the DC 9/12 Tea Party?

  • I was 100 feet from stage at DC march as the day went on they would tell us over the speakers how many people were there first count was 1.2 million secound count was1.5 third and final count just around2mill but nice try to make it seem less have a nice day

  • The video you show of the crowd was just the people who marched while they marched people were aready at our big back yard march on our house lawn.IT’S OUR HOUSE DO YOU HEAR US NOW.There is another one in the works for next year already ,SO HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW.SO CAN YOU HEAR US NOW

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