There are some out there who are bemoaning the audacity of “Social Conservatives” defending their faith regarding the contraceptive dust-up coming out of the DHHS this last week or so.

As has been covered before, I’m sure, social conservatives cannot and will not completely divorce their religion from their politics, and nor should they. They SHOULD respect the limits that our Constitution places on Government (especially the Federal Government) in enforcing “morality” of every flavor.

That being said, the problem I have with this whole religious discussion is not Santorum (or anyone) accusing Obama of abiding in a completely different theological mindset (that of “social” and “environmental” “justice”–which basically puts Nature way way up there above Nature’s God and Humanity as a whole), what I have a REAL problem with is that we’re talking about religion anyway…or even the First Amendment for that matter.

The truth is that this Contraception thing has NOTHING to do with religious liberties or the First Amendment. It has to do with one simple basic thing:

SHOULD the Federal Government be allowed to FORCE, by the point of a gun, a company, an organization, a church, a union, or an individual to pay for the healthcare of another person, and SHOULD the Federal Government proscribe the details by which that healthcare is paid for.

The fact that we’ve just passed up that conversation and made it a religious liberty argument means we’ve lost the argument, and the fact that we’ve passed up the religious liberty argument and are now talking about sex, means we’re doomed to not have any rational discussion about the matter at all.

Contrary to the view of some of my more libertarian brethren, this is NOT just religious extremist Social Conservatives preaching hell-fire and brimstone over the contraceptive issue. This is a good chunk of our current political framework: establishment, Tea Party, and otherwise just not being able to get ahead of an argument effectively, and falling into a trap set by a media dead set on making ANYONE who doesn’t support the premise and foundation of Obamacare (much less the monstrosity that is the actual bill), into knuckle-dragging hicks.

KEEP IN MIND: This is only the beginning. The ONLY detailed proscriptive benefits data that has come out of the DHHS is for preventative medicine. If this bill sticks (MGHMOUA) then EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of what, how, and when healthcare benefits are paid by companies and insurance companies will be dictated by the DHHS. This is only coming out because of the preventative care element coming over a year ago meant the the DHHS had to detail exactly what “preventative” meant.

It is EXCEEDINGLY unfair for anyone to sit back and just pretend, though, that this particular decision is not an ASSAULT on every Pro-Life activist and person of faith in the country. It is exactly that…Maybe Santorum preached too much…sure…fine…OK. But we’re all in a fight for our lives, folks…we should be united at every level against Statism, even if it’s not Sunday morning and we didn’t want to get preached at, we’re on the same side.

Put another way, this Contraceptive issue and all the ensuing, unfortunately rather predictable, conversations about religion and sex that comes from it…is NOT a time for die-hard Libertarians to make fun of Christian Conservatives as being too provincial or holier-than-thou.  It is instead a time for Limited-Government Conservatives of all parties (even those hanging on for dear life to the GOP) to stand together as one against a tyrannical regiment that is now being codified into law by Madame Secretary.

This is real folks.  We need to pick our fights…and this is the one, and the Administration is who we’re fighting, not Rick Santorum.

Sorry…Why Are We Talking About Religion Again?
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